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Also this year we are again on the road with our sales booth. Our Chicago Police Car is also present at some appointments.

✅ 4 May - 5 May: Open Day Fire Brigade Frechen
✅ 11 May: Open Day at the Ludwigsfelde Volunteer Fire Brigade
✅ 18 May: 4th US CAR BBQ in your car world Rostock (only with the CPD Car)
✅ 25 May: Helpers' Day Bordesholm
✅ 15 June: 150 Years Fire Brigade Oldenburg i.H.
✅ 22 June: MV Cup in Schwerin (Frisian Sports Field)
✅ 23

May: Open Day at the
Ludwigsfelde Volunteer Fire Brigade ✅ 23 May:
4th US CAR BBQ in your car world Rostock (only with the CPD Car)

June: Village and fire department festival in Wittenförden (only with the CPD Car) Fire department Wittenförden
✅ 28. - 29. June: City festival "Peter and Paul" in Delitzsch
✅ 6. July: Open day and hose tower festival in Kraak - Voluntary fire department Kraak
✅ 10. August: Blue light day at the fire department of the city of Preetz
✅ 17. August: Open Day - Spandau-Süd Fire Station
✅ 24 August: Open Day Volunteer Fire Brigade Schwerin-Mitte
✅ 30 August: 10th Floodlight Cup 2019 in Spornitz
✅ 7 September: 112 Years Fire Brigade Dorsten - Wulfen
✅ 14 September: 150 Years Fire Brigade Staßfurt
✅ 28 September: 112 Beurs & 112 Event 2019 in Elburg, Netherlands ✅

October: Open day at the volunteer fire brigade Gadebusch
✅ 10 October - 12 October: Florian Messe in Dresden
✅ 19 October: Open day at the FF Bernau fire brigade Schönow (LETZTER TERMIN 2019)


you planning a fire brigade event or an open day at your fire brigade?

Then we will be happy to visit you with a mobile sales stand and support you with your event. We offer a wide assortment for young and old, as well as lots of accessories for every fan of the Chicago Fire Department.

If you are interested in having us accompany your event with an original booth, please use the following form for

pictures of past events:

Chicago Fire Shop. com

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